Human Resource Policy

The management principle of Kayatur Human Resources is to attract and work hard working, talented, creative and successful people within the organization, to help them to develop, to keep their way to reach the upper levels and to make careers in this sector and to work for many years.
    Vision: To create human resources with high performance and motivation, productivity and expertise in the upper level.
    Mission: To select, develop and sustain talented human resources for our company.
Human Resources Strategy
We aim to achieve the goals of our group by focusing on company goals, working with team spirit, developing and developing continuously, creating a happy, motivated and high performing human power.
Our Human Resources Policy
    At Kayatur, we create the appropriate environment to contribute to the individual development and career goals of all our employees.
    Every worker and organizer in Kayatur is equally valuable. We will make you feel equality principle in every circumstance.
    We consider working on the basis of transparency and trust as a professional responsibility against Kayatur employees.
    A high performance culture is targeted under the kayatur roof. It is the responsibility of the Kayatur Human Resources Team to create a fair evaluation environment where the performance of employees is clearly visible.
    We accept the values ​​of Kayatur as "common values" of Kayatur employees. We will always take into consideration and live every occasion when we take those common values.
    As the Kayatur Human Resources Team, we are ready to provide feedback and feedback to Kayatemlakanları in all circumstances at all times.
    The most important direction for all new applications we will make is the criticism, opinions and suggestions of the employees of Kayat, we give importance to your ideas.
    We develop all the systems and tools that will make our employees' lives easier, provide comfort and increase work efficiency.


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